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If you are a UK supplier and are not listed in The Cimtech Directory please contact Cimtech. If you would like to update an existing entry online please visit the Cimtech website or call Cimtech on 01707 281060.


The Cimtech directory provides a comprehensive, classified listing of systems, services and specialist hardware. The direcotry is divided into five sections:

Under Systems you will find the following headings:
Document management, content management, web content management, records management, knowledge management
These cover developers, publishers and main distributors of solutions which offer all the above functions or specialist suppliers offering one or a combination of the above functions.
Document / data capture
Developers, publishers and main distributors in the UK of systems/subsystems for scanning and digitising content on paper or other analogue media and/ or capturing new data via electronic forms, etc. Such software is designed to be integrated with the systems described in the previous section so the captured content and data can be loaded into the systems.
BPM / Workflow
Developers, publishers and main distributors of workflow or business process management software who sell direct to end users or to developers and integrators. Such software can be interfaced with the document, content, records and knowledge management systems.
Resellers and integrators
Resellers and system integrators who act for one or a small subset of the systems listed above. They may specialise in supporting specific market sectors, e.g. local government or manufacturing.
Product name index
A listing of product names and their suppliers. If you know the name of a product but not the supplier, then look here first.

Under Hardware you will find suppliers of the following specialist hardware:
Manufacturers, suppliers and resellers of a range of devices for scanning all sizes and formats of paper and microforms.
Micrographic equipment
Manufacturers and suppliers of cameras/recorders for archiving paper/electronic documents and data onto microfilm. Also includes additional production and retrieval equipment plus software for indexing and retrieving documents stored on microfilm.

Under Services you will find providers of the following related services:
Bureau services
Includes service bureaux that scan and digitise or microfilm paper documents for customers and data entry bureaux. Also covers commercial companies that will store boxes of paper files and computer media off-site at their own warehouses and stores, and provide a management, retrieval and delivery/destruction service.
Independent consultants
Independent consultancy companies that provide a range of services including strategy studies, feasibility studies, compliance checks, security reviews, procurement services, records management services including developing policies and procedures, conducting audits, developing classification schemes and retention schedules and project management and business process re-engineering services.
Services for SharePoint
Companies that provide a range of support services for Microsoft SharePoint, e.g. consultancy, installation, configuration, integration, project management, training. Also indicates the supplier's areas of specialisation and whether the supplier is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Under Suppliers you will find the following additional supplier information:
Contact details
Once you have identified relevant suppliers in the directory, turn to this section for a comprehensive alphabetical listing of suppliers' names and contact information.

Under Reference you will find the following additional reference information:
Management guide
A link to the Cimtech guide
A guide to related conferences, courses and exhibitions
Glossary of Terms
An alphabetical list of terms used in information management
Publications and Associations
Contact details for publications and associations.